Our newest palm-sized
Power Plus DANBOARD version- mini -
6000mAh portable device
charger is now available!

Our larger Power Plus 10400 DANBOARD
versionl quickly sold out upon its introduction
in Japan last year.


The new Power Plus DANBOARD verison - mini- 6000mAh is smaller than the original Power Plus 10400 DANBOARD version, but still features a large (6000mAh) charging capacity.

The DANBOARD version - mini - 6000mAh can fully recharge your iPhone or other model smartphone up to 2.5 times.

You can also charge iPad and other tablets,
up to two devices at the same time!
It's the perfect accessory to keep your
digital devices fully charged while on the go.

テーブルに佇むmini かわいいDANBOARD達
The eyes lights will turn on!

Our charming little Power Plus DANBOARD version -mini- 6000 lets you see its power level by looking into its eyes.

Power Plus DANBOARD version mini's eyes light up
to instantly give you its remaining power level.
Just press on the Power Plus DANBOARD version mini's
mouth and the eyes will indicate power level by its color.

When the eyes flash angry red it's time to recharge your DANBOARD.

  • Battery off
  • Battery level 100〜67%
  • Battery level 66〜34%
  • Battery level 33〜1%red eyes
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Let our DANBOARD friend teach you how to use our
new Power Plus DANBOARD version -mini- 6000mAh device charger.

Charging the battery.

Charging the battery 01
Charging the battery 02
Charging the battery 03
Charging the battery 04
Charging the battery 05
  1. When DANBOARD version mini's
    eyes flash red, it's time for recharging.
  2. Take the USB cable (included) and
    AC adapter.*
  3. Plug the cable into the micro USB port
    found on the left side of the battery,
    or into the AC adapter.
  4. When properly connected, the DANBOARD
    version mini's eyes will flash, indicating
    that charging has begun.
  5. When your DANBOARD version mini's eyes
    glow bright yellow, your mini is fully charged!

* The AC adapter is not included. Purchase it separately, or please use the AC adapter that came with your iPhone or other smartphone.

* The Power Plus DANBOARD version -mini- 6000 takes approximately 7-8 hours to fully charge.

Charging your iPhone or iPad, smartphone or tablet with Power Plus DANBOARD version -mini- 6000mAh.

Charging smartphone / tablet 01
Charging smartphone / tablet 02
Charging smartphone / tablet 03
Charging smartphone / tablet 04
Charging smartphone / tablet 05
  1. Take the included USB cable or the cable
    that came with your device.*
  2. Connect your iPhone, iPad, smartphone or
    tablet to the USB port on the right
    side of the battery.
  3. Press the DANBOARD version mini's mouth button.
  4. Disconnect cable with your device if fully charged.
  5. Put your DANBOARD version mini's unit
    and cable back into the included carrying pouch.

* When charing a device not compatible with micro USB cable, please use the original cable that came with your device.

* When charging your iPhone or other smartphone, use the "1A" USB port. When charging an iPad or other tablet, use the "2.1A" USB port.

* Please note, some devices will take a short time to begin the charging process.

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So, what exactly is a portable device charger and
what does it do?

It's a wonderful device that allows you to keep all of your digital devices charged while on the go. Never worry again about your smartphone, tablet or other portable digital device running out of power.

  1. 1.Oh, my battery’s almost dying!ポイント1
  2. 2.You can use our battery charger over and over again.ポイント2
  3. 3.Are you iPhone user?ポイント3


cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version -mini- cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version -mini-
Direct sales price
$ 37.99
List price
$ 55.99
Model Number
Included accessories
White micro USB charging cable, original hemp carrying pouch, user manual with six month warranty card.
※Lightning cable not included.
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Product specifications.
Lithium Ion battery.
5 volts/1A Micro USB.
USB1 5V/1A. USB 2 5V/2.1A.
Charging time
7-8 hours.
Product Name
cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version -mini- 6000mAh.
1.34 inches long x 1.89 inches high x 2.91 inches wide.
Weight (body)
4.94 ounces. (140g).
3.7 V 6000mAh
Usage count
Approximately 500 times
Protection functions
1) Automatic shutdown if overcharging (voltage/current) occurs. 2) Automatic shutdown if over-discharging (voltage/current) occurs. 3) Automatic shutdown if short-circuit occurs. 4) Automatic shutdown if the unit is overheated. 5) Automatic shutdown when the device is fully charged.
(* For some devices, 2.1A output port and automatic shutdown function are not supported. )

*If the included cable does not support your device, please try to use the your device's original cable instead.

*To charge the battery from an indoor wall outlet, please use a USB-AC adapter. USB-AC adapter is not included with this product.
For charging iPhones, iPads, or other devices with an input port different than the micro USB, please use your device's original set cable.

*The product includes one Micro USB-USB charging cable only.
For charging iPhone, iPad, or other devices with input port different than Micro USB, please use your device set (original) cable.

*The Revoltech DANBOARD in the image not included.


cheero Original Download

DANBOARD Wallpaper for your
Digital Device!

Courtesy of cheero! Download the appropriate original wallpaper
art by simply clicking on the screen size of your device.



Available Now!
Palm-sized Power Plus DANBOARD version mini has just been released!


A smaller version of of hugely popular cheero/DANBOARD collaboration. Operation is simple.
To begin charging simply connect the cable to your
digital device, press the mouth button, that's it.

The color of the Power Plus DANBOARD version mini's eyes indicate remaining power level of the digital device charger.
Your Power Plus DANBOARD version mini can be charged up to 500 times, from a regualr AC outlet or via a PC.

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