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Tasty New Danboards, Now in Full Flavors!

We decided to re-release our high capacity Danboard (10400mAh) in 7 new delicious flavors.
Choose your favorite color and savor the taste!
*This product is a battery. It is not edible.


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Instructions on using the rechargeable mobile battery


Charging the Device

Connect the mobile device/s (Smart Phones etc.) to the main unit with the included charging cable*.
When you press the button on the main unit it will begin its charging. ※Lighting cable is not included. If the device uses a different port than Micro USB, please use the compatible charging cable with the device.

Charging the Portable Batter

Charging the Portable Batter

Connect the main unit to a USB AC Adapter (sold seperately*) using the included Micro USB cable.
Plug the AC Adapter into the outlet and the charging will begin.
You can also directly charge the battery to a computer using the Micro USB cable. *the AC Adapter is not included. Please purchase the AC Adapter seperately or use the AC Adapter that is included with the mobile device.

What is a Portable Battery?

Tips on using the Portable Battery.

A useful item to charge your mobile device/s in case of a emergency.

My Phone is Running
out of Battery!

Don’t worry, Danboard to the rescue!
Not only does it charge smart phones, it charges tablets, wifi routers, any devices that charges using a USB.

Keep charging the

It’s Reuseable.
It’s economic, keep recharging the battery up to 500 times.
When the main battery is empty, use the included cable and charge it through an outlet or a computer.

You can charge the
iPhone up to 5 times!

If you have your battery fully charged, the Danboard can charge the IPhone fully up to 5 times. Use it on your business trips, vacation, anywhere you go.
*We recommend charging the battery every 3 months to make the battery last longer.


cheero Power Plus DANBOARD [FLAVORS series]

Power Plus DANBOARD User Manual
Product Name
cheero Power Plus DANBOARD [FLAVORS series]
Direct sales price
List price
Model Number
Package contains
USB-MicroUSB charging cable, carrying pouch, user manual / warranty card (six months warranty)
* Lightning cable, as well as connectors other than micro USB are not included.

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2.9 × 0.9 × 4.6 inches (74mm×23mm×117mm)
Body Weight
0.57 pounds (258g) (9.1 oz)
3.7V 10400mAh
About 500 Times
Li-ion battery
5V / 1A MicroUSB
USB1: 5V/1A, USB2: 5V/2.1A
Battery charging time
About 11-13 hours
Protection functions
1) Automatic shutdown if overcharging (voltage/current) occurs.
2) Automatic shutdown if over-discharging (voltage/current) occurs.
3) Automatic shutdown if short-circuit occurs.
4) Automatic shutdown if the device is overheated.
5) Automatic shutdown when the device is fully charged.

* Regarding the automatic power off feature, some devices will be incompatible when using the 2.1A port.
* If the included cable does not support charging your device, please try to use your device original cable instead.
* For charging the unit from indoor wall outlet, please make use of USB-AC adapter. USB-AC adapter is not included in this product.
* The product includes one MicroUSB-USB charging cable only. For charging iPhone, iPad, and devices with different charging plug, please use your device set (original) cable.


We decided to re-release our high capacity Danboard (10400mAh) in 7 new delicious flavors.

Easy to use. Connect your digital devices to our cheero Power Plus 10400mAh DANBOARD version with the supplied cable.
Press power button to start charging.
LED power indicator lights show remaining power.
Our product is rechargeable, use it up to 500 charging cycles.

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Power Plus DANBOARD Package contains