The World's First three-in-one Sleeping Device. Made in Japan!


Sound・Light・Aroma adjusting sleeping device
to create a better environment for sleep disorders

Allow your brain to rest with deep Non REM sleep.


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Because so many people suffer from sleeping disorders today, we would like to optimize sleep quality by using Sleepion.

We live today in a world where abundant information accumulates in our heads.
We may have a hard time waking up in the morning and our performance suffers
if we are unable to use sleep to rest our brains.
Blindly increasing sleep time cannot be a solution because we don't improve sleep quality.


The first device in the world to offer an environment designed to stimulate the auditory, visual and olfactory senses to induce a healthy sleep onset.

The right mattress and pillow for our bodies can help us enjoy restful sleep. However, those products only help one of the five senses, the sense of touch.
We need to be aware of the other senses, particularly hearing, sight and scent, that can help induce deeper sleep.


The speaker resonates soft and natural sounds that resemble prenatal environments and breathing.

"Sounds heard while sleeping plays a significant role in inducing sleep and its healing effects. Among many sounds, those that are close to what occur in nature have particularly strong effects which have been verified in studies." (Dr. Shimizu)

Sleepion is preset with 12 distinct healing sound loops designed to promote sleep, imitating the fluctuations present in nature. This evokes the environment of the mother's womb, with a clear sound that radiates in your bedroom.



The light imitates moonlight which regulates our biological rhythms, giving us a sense of security.

"Light is characterized by its color temperature and luminance, and the optimal levels for sleep are 2700k in color temperature and 35% in luminance. This is close to the color of candlelight, and to the moonlight, which mankind has been gazing at since the birth of the human race." (Dr Shimizu)

Based on Dr. Shimizu's research data, Sleepion's light flickers like a candle and is as bright as moonlight, inducing a state of deep sleep once you fall asleep.


100% natural oils blended to create an earthly environment.

We focused on using natural materials that are good for the health, and creating the optimal sleep aroma. Prioritizing these tasks, we collaborated with a fragrance professional to develop our own unique aromas exclusively for sleeping, using 100% natural materials.

Included are a Lavender oil blend with both steam distilled and solvent extracted (absolute) varieties from Bulgaria, a Cedarwood oil from its world supplier in Kiso, Japan, and a Geranium oil blend sourced from Egypt and Reunion Island. As the scent of these aromatherapy oils fill the room, you will be surrounded by a space of luxurious relaxation. The aroma is diffused not by heating the oils but by using the back pressure from the speaker unit. You can use it safely even when children or pets are present.

Japanese Cypress




How to Use


Use the included cable to connect the unit to the adapter, then plug the adapter into an outlet.

Dripping a small amount of aroma oil

Drip a small amount of aroma oil onto the aroma stone.

※ The oils permeate the porous surface of the unglazed ceramic.

Set the aroma stone in place

Set the aroma stone in place.

※ Magnets on the unit and the aroma stones allow for easy setting.

Press the power button

Press the power button (Play/Stop).

The LED light will come on and the sound will start to play.
Press again to turn off the LED light and stop the music.

Aiming for a deep non-REM sleep that best rests the brain

It is known that sleep consists of REM sleep and non-REM sleep. There are also four stages of non-REM sleep, where Stage 3 consists of over 20% delta waves, the slowest moving waves, and Stage 4 which consists of 50% delta waves.

As sleep deepens from Stage 1 to Stage 4, the amount of perspiration and growth hormones increases. This causes the body to become active and the brain to enter a state of rest.

Phenomena such as difficulty sleeping and waking, or shallow sleep with too much dreaming, signal the failure to achieve Stages 3 and 4 during non-REM sleep.

Sleepion stimulates the senses of hearing, sight and scent to guide you to Stage 4 non-REM sleep, providing a truly restful sleep experience.



Name of Product: Sleepion

Model Number
Enclosure Type
Earth Double Bass Reflex Type
Enclosure Material
ABS Resin
Speaker Unit Size
Diameter 40mm
Speaker Unit
Effective Maximum Output (distortion rate 10%)

Vertical placementVertical Placement

Horizontal placementHorizontal Placement

Audio Input Port (AUX)
3.5mm Stereo Mini Jack
Electricity Supply by USB micro-B Connector
Voltage Rating
Maximum Electricity Consumption
External Dimensions
Width 9.8in (250mm) x Depth 2.8in (72mm) x Height 4.7in (120mm)
Product Weight
1.17lb (532g)
Instruction Manual
3 Aroma oils (Geranium, Cedar, Lavender), 5ml each
4 Ceramic Aroma Stones
USB AC Adapter (Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.35A, Output: 5V/2A)
USB micro-B cable 6.6ft (2m)
3.5mm Stereo mini plug cable 3.3ft (1m)
Warranty Period
1 year
・Product and Design Patented

Get restful sleep and live a pleasant life.

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