• cheero Wireless Earphones with 6 GODZILLA Voice patterns
    cheero Wireless Earphones with 6 GODZILLA Voice patterns

    Equipped with Qualcomm® chip (Bluetooth ver. 5.1) for high sound quality and excellent connectivity. IPX5 grade waterproof. The charging case with USB output port can also be used as a power bank to charge your smartphone or other devices.
    Standard "Power on", "Pairing" and other voice prompts have been replaced with original Godzilla's voice sounds in a unique way.

  • cheero Power Plus DANBOARD Plate and Block
    cheero Power Plus DANBOARD Plate and Block

    We are releasing two new Danboard family. Ultra slim "Plate" and Super lightweight "Block".
    Block (3000mAh)
    The lovely cardboard designed powerblock weighs in at 70g.
    Plate (4200mAh)
    The thinner and lighter shape of the new Danboard battery plate is less than 1 cm thick.

  • cheero Power Case for iPhone5/5S
    cheero DANBOARD USB Cable

    Danboard made into a USB cable (Sync and Charge)!
    Select either micro USB、Lightning & micro USB、Lightning.
    And all types of cables are available in 5 different cable lengths!
    Danboard's eyes flash in red when the cable is connected to power and turn into yellow while charging your device.

  • cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version -mini-
    cheero  Power Plus DANBOARD version -mini-

    Palm-sized, but high-capacity (charges iPhone up to 2.5 times) external battery.
    It is always great to have one on a daily use, when the power is unexpectedly off.
    One click on its mouth starts charging your device.
    Each of 3 different eye colors ( yellow, orange, red ) indicates different battery level.

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  • About cheero USA
    • Company name : CHEERO USA INC.
    • Address : 248E, 50thSt, Apt.2N, New York, NY 10022
    • Established : 2018
    • Stock Capitalization : $50,000
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